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About the Podcast

Fraud frequently “follows the money” – where big money is involved, there is the potential for fraud. ESG is attracting trillions of dollars in new investment (public and private), reallocation of existing investments and new startups. There are climate and sustainability startups attracting billions in venture capital as well. Existing companies are communicating their ESG achievements thorough disclosures targeted at investors, customers, regulators and a range of other stakeholders. The trifecta of the Fraud Triangle – motivation, opportunity and rationalization – has never been stronger in ESG. This podcast will talk about areas of specific fraud risk in ESG and implementing controls/oversight processes to help prevent it.

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Hear from These Experts

  • Lawrence Heim - Editor, practicalESG.com
  • Chris McClure - Partner, ESG Services Leader, Crowe

This Program Covers

  • Where are you seeing fraud occurring in ESG issues?
  • Are there other areas of potential fraud risk you see happening in the future?
  • Do you think that companies should be concerned it could happen to them?
  • What internal controls/procedures do you recommend to companies to prevent ESG fraud?
  • What are your thoughts on ESG data controls in commercial IT systems like supplier carbon emissions calculations – how might fraud be a factor?
  • What should boards be thinking about in this regard?

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